Shelley College

Huddersfield Road, Shelley, Huddersfield, HD8 8NL

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About us

Shelley Sixth Form is increasingly becoming the first choice destination for students from a number of Yorkshire high schools, as well as our own. One of the reasons students come to us is that we offer a level of personal attention both in quality teaching and pastoral support that’s difficult to match. Our small class sizes allow teachers to get to know each student well and offer individual guidance to success. Our students can choose from a wide range of curriculum options and enjoy a warm, friendly and happy atmosphere throughout their studies at this important stage of their education. We’re proud of our determination to help everybody achieve their personal goals, which shows in our most recent results.

Student support

We work hard to ensure that ours is a community where students feel safe and confident. We believe that respect is the key to effective care and support and we demonstrate it in our daily work with students. We also encourage it at all times in our students.

Each student is encouraged and supported to achieve their very best. Curriculum leaders meet monthly to discuss individual progress, liaising with tutors and meeting with students to ensure that everyone is reaching their full potential. We pride ourselves on the supportive relationships we have with our students and as well as supporting you through your studies, we enjoy getting to know you personally. We have an open door policy in the pastoral office and offer a level of one to one support to ensure students are happy, healthy and enjoy their experience here at Shelley.

Students are placed in ability tutor groups when they arrive at our school and they meet with their form tutors three times a week. The form tutor is the first and most important link with home and deals with most routine problems and queries. The Director of Sixth Form and Assistant Student Manager work with the team of tutors in guiding every student  through the school. 

Special learning needs:

The Learning Support Department supports students with a wide range of special education needs. The Head of Department co-ordinates arrangements for supporting students who may require special help, in order to take part successfully in all areas of the school curriculum. Our policy for Special Educational Needs continues to reflect the requirements of the 1996 Education Act, and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001. We recently opened a Student Support Centre which enhances the work done in classrooms by our team of support assistants. The staff have worked hard to develop approaches within and beyond the classroom which mean that the learning needs of all students are met.


Gifted and talented students:

Students with particular gifts or talents in areas of the curriculum will find opportunities to develop these within their regular lessons.

We aim to give a broad and balanced curriculum to all students, which they will find challenging, demanding and interesting. We also aim to promote their spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual and physical development and prepare them for the opportunities and responsibilities of adult life. A full programme of careers advice and education is coordinated across the curriculum and involves subject teachers, form tutors and professional careers advisers.


Links between home and school

We believe that students will achieve most and be happiest at school when there is a good partnership between home and school. This means good understanding of each other’s aims and wishes and good communication between parents and school staff. Our job in helping students to learn well and develop as responsible members of the community is made much easier when we have the backing of parents over routine matters and over any problems which can sometimes arise. If parents and the school work together in a genuine partnership, then students are more likely to achieve their full potential.

What makes us different?

Shelley College’s fundamental beliefs about education are summarised in our mission statement of “Valuing People, Supporting Personal Best”. The first part of this statement illustrates our desire to help young people be happy and confident at college and beyond. We think this in turn gives them the best chance of being successful in achieving their goals and ambitions. The second part of our mission statement encourages all of us to keep trying our best. This is not an easy option; asking young people to always try their best in everything they do is very ambitious and we do all we can to help everybody to reach their full potential.

In addition to A Levels and BTEC qualifications, we enter students for the Progression Module and Extended Project. 


Our enrichment programme provides opportunities for our students to expand their knowledge and skills. With over 20 options to choose from the aim is to ensure that all our students enrich their experience here at Shelley College through developing practical skills and gaining further qualifications.

Here’s just a selection: TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), charity fundraising, sports clubs, work experience, Mandarin, First Aid and Reading Matters.

We have excellent links to all the local universities, many of whom offer extra guidance and master classes to our students. We also have links to local businesses for those students looking to go down the apprenticeship route. Whatever route you intend to take, we can help.

Every student is supported with a form teacher and there is an excellent pastoral system, with full time staff dedicated to Sixth Former's welfare.

Although we are a School Sixth Form, there are separate facilities with all the benefits of a College atmosphere. We will treat you like an adult and recognise the importance of your goals. 

Above all, we will help you succeed. We look forward to receiving your application.


Shelley College is easily accessed from Huddersfield, Wakefield, Barnsley, Penistone and Holmfirth.

Additional information

There are specialist facilities in all areas and provision for all subject areas is excellent. All year groups have their own indoor social areas and we have extensive school grounds. In recent years significant amounts of money have been spent upgrading the entire school. We now have a well-equipped Library and Resources Centre, five 30+ station computer rooms, seven fully-remodelled Science laboratories, three new Art rooms and five fully-remodelled Design Technology rooms.

Shelley College has a purpose built Sixth Form building featuring a café, modern equipped IT room with over 40 computers, pastoral office, lockers and a student car park. The café is open every day serving breakfast through to 2pm, with paninis, salads, hot meal and hot and cold drinks and is only open to sixth formers (though you’ll find teachers also like to go for the bacon sandwiches..!)