Business Administration Level 1 & Level 2

Business, Administration and Law

Business, Administration and Law
Business, Administration and Law

What will you be working towards?

Code SPBA01
Qualification Type Other Regulated/Accredited Qualification
Qualification Level Level 2


The LifeSkills Business Administration study programme is designed to help you develop  skills and prepare you for whatever career path you choose to follow. Once you have completed the course you could look to earn £14,000 a year in a junior role and as you climb the ladder, £30,000 a year is certainly possible.

All of our programmes are designed to help you develop your English and maths and improve your grades where needed. You will also get the chance to get some local work experience and help you put what you have learnt on the course into practice and get that vital experience on to your CV.

So no matter what type of business you want to work in the Business Administration study programme could be your first step in helping you get your first job or getting an apprenticeship.

If you are aged between 16–18 years we can refund your travel expenses by bus or train from your home address to LifeSkills, this will be paid a week in arrears. 

You will also receive a participation allowance every 4 weeks; this is based on full attendance each week, good timekeeping and positively participating in lessons. You earn £5.00 for each week you meet the criteria above and if you complete this for 4 consecutive weeks you get a further £20.00 so you could be earning £40 per month.


What Units Are Covered On This Course?

• Creating Business Documents 

• Organise Meetings and Business Travel

• Handling Diary Systems

• Communicate with Customers

• Business Presentations

• Career Planning

• English and Maths to GCSE 

• Personal & Social Development Sessions

• Employability / Independent Living

• Opportunity for work experience

Entry requirements

Must be aged between 16–18 years and officially left school 

Must be a UK citizen or citizen of the EU or be a resident of the United Kingdom

Your next steps...

Progress on to a Level 2/3 course in Administration or another vocational qualification 

Progress on to an Apprenticeship

Increase your chances of gaining employment