A Level Philosophy, Ethics and Religion

History, Philosophy and Theology

History, Philosophy and Theology
History, Philosophy and Theology
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What will you be working towards?

Code REL/3AL/21
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Philosophy, Ethics and Religion is a subject that examines the very nature of existence, from the beginnings of the universe to the very personal ideas we each hold on to about what is right and wrong. You’ll question your own, possibly deep seated beliefs, and explore modern and ancient issues from the ethics of nuclear deterrents to the theories of Classical Greek philosophies on what makes a good life.


The topics you will study will see you investigating the world around you – and within yourself! These include:

• Buddhist philosophy
• Buddhist practices
• Meditation
• Arguments for and against God
• The nature and problem of evil
• Religious experience
• Ethical thought - is there a standard of morality?
• Utilitarianism, situation ethics and Natural Law

Our outstanding teachers will support you to explore core topics, and question your own views. Naturally, this A Level will see you doing a great deal of thinking and debating, and will open your eyes to new ideas. You’ll develop a deep understanding of these ideas, and through your lessons you’ll look at both sides of what can be strongly debated topics.

All of our teachers are well qualified subject specialists. Under their guidance, you will explore a range of topics and develop your critical thinking skills and understanding of theories that will see you exploring the very nature of existence. We offer unrivalled support, with a Study Hub and subject support sessions. 

How will it be delivered?

The assessment is 100% examination. There are two exams at the end of your course. These exams are entirely essay based, with each exam having four essays to complete in a two hour period.

Entry requirements

Grade 4 in a traditional written subject, for example GCSE History or English Literature. General entry criteria will also apply, this is available on our website.

Your next steps...

Our students progress to a varied range of degrees such as Philosophy, Humanities, English, International Development, Law and Anthropology. The course sees you exploring a range of ethical questions, and it is also highly valued in careers such as Medicine, Social Work and the Police.