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Languages, Literature and Culture
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What will you be working towards?

Code 59451
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


This course will allow you to study not only the UK political system of government, but also the system of government within the United States, making comparisons between the two. Alongside this, you will also study the core ideologies that define political thought, such as Liberalism to Conservatism and Socialism to Nationalism.

This study with not only increase your knowledge of political systems, but it will also develop your ability to think critically, analyse the nature of government, discuss and debate from an informed standpoint and conduct independent research. This will provide you with a wide range of skills that will aid many careers such those in politics and the civil service, journalism, research, education, law and management.   


What you will study

This will give you a broad understanding of;

• The British Constitution and how it came about

•The structure and role of Parliament.

• The role and accountability and the Prime Minster and their Cabinet.

• The Judiciary

• Devolution – the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and the Northern Ireland Assembly

• Political Parties, Democracy, Elections and Referendums

• Pressure Groups

• The EU

US Politics 

This unit will develop your understanding of international politics by studying the constitution of the USA and comparing it with that of the UK. You will do this by evaluating; 

• Congress

• The powers of the President

• The judicial branch of government

• The electoral process and democracy

• Political parties

• Pressure groups

• Civil Rights

Political Ideas 

This unit is your chance really evaluate and understand that core ideas and concepts that govern political thinking. These core ideologies include;

• Liberalism

• Conservatism

• Socialism

• Nationalism

• Feminism

• Multiculturalism

• Anarchism

• Ecologism

How will it be delivered?

Assessment is by examination in May and June, at the end of the second year. 

Entry requirements

5 GCSEs grade 9-4, including maths at grade 4 and English Language at grade 6.

Your next steps...

Further study 

The majority of our students go onto university, many of them studying for a degree in History, Law, English or one of the Social Sciences. There are also combined degrees available in which you can continue with your history studies in combination with another subject of your choice.

Politics is regarded as a 'facilitating subject' which will increase your chance of progression to a Russell Group University. 

Career Opportunities 

You will develop a wide range of analytical and communication skills which are extremely useful in the modern workplace.

Politics students may indeed wish to follow a career in politics from the civil service to international relations. You may also find this useful for teaching professions, careers in law, journalism, management and social work.